Sunday, February 17, 2008

Big name college teams hiring trash coaches

It didn't take IU long to have their name tarnished by hiring Sampson, a coach with a some obviously questionable ethics prior to hiring. I am now just waiting for Michigan's hiring of Rodriguez and UCLA's hiring of Neuheisel to soil their programs as well. What I don't get is how on earth these guys smooze their way into coaching positions after obvious problems at other schools as well as many clear warning signs. There are clean successful coaches out there, yet somehow, they get a pass and the likes of dirty, cheating, lying bastards like Neuheisel (after ruining programs at TWO schools) somehow manage to get jobs with prestigious programs. I look forward to seeing the sanctions roll in hopes that these big schools will learn that a winning record combined with dirty tactics doth not a winning program make. Kids learn from their mistakes and change not older adults, they just try harder not to get caught.